Video and animation can be great for SEO on your website and when it comes to social media both are more shareable than text and images combined. So surely you need a video right? Perhaps, but we always ask our clients what will it do for your brand and your business.

Jumping on a band wagon is fine for some, but is it right for your business? When a client asks us about a video campaign, animated presentation or moving image graphics we always ask what they want to achieve and the budget they want to spend. That sets the parameters of the production project and then we can focus on what’s important – your content.

If you are looking to re-enforce your brand ethos on your website or to promote a new product or service on social media, film can be the perfect tool to get your posts noticed and create customer desire for the products and services you provide.

We can help you with scripting, locations and everything else you need to make an impact, so if you would like to discuss your ideas further then please get in touch.