Some of our work.

Ardent OffRoad.

It’s all in the customer’s journey.


The guys at Ardent came to us after having been advised to improve their SEO on their existing web site.

After much discussion it emerged that their old website was getting up to 1,600 hits a month but they were not making many sales via this medium. It was apparent to us that SEO was not the problem it was customer perception of their business and the journey the client had to make that was causing the problems.

At Inky, we looked at Ardent’s Brand, their visual language, their tone and the process their clients had to go through to make a booking. What information does the client need, what imagery will inspire or excite them and inturn lead to a purchase, backing this up with a promotional video.

We simplified the brand, looked at the imagery and tone of language they were using and made it more accessible, aspirational and engaging.