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Jordans Mill.

Communicating a plethora of activities and events.



Jordans Mill in Bedfordshire is the original Mill in which Jordan’s cereals business originated. Still owned by the Jordan family, the Mill now is a busy and vibrant tourist attraction offering many activities, historical tours, a restaraunt, beautiful gardens, wood and meadow and sits on the picturesque River Ivel.

Jordans Mill asked us to design a vibrant website that reflected everything they had to offer in a more dynamic manner, providing users with timely information, news on the latest events and activities, bookings for the restaruant and to make more of their wedding and business confrencing facilities.

As well as all of the above, the family wanted the website to provide more information on the history of the Mill and the Jordans family, so we created an interactive history timeline allowing users to read about the Mill and family and look at the wide range of historical photography held by the mill.